Other laundries use a top loader that does one load of laundry. Our DOUBLE LOADER does two loads!

Other washers take 30-40 min per load. Our 20 – 80 lb. front load washer extractors will do loads in 24 minutes or less while removing more water — so less dry time saves you money!

Free Up Your Weekends
with our 80 lb. *Monster Washer*

This machine can wash 8 loads in 30 minutes, Or do 8 loads in a regular top load washer and spend 8 hours! Laundry USA is the only Laundromat in Southern Indiana to have a washer of this size!

Washers & Dryers

Equipped with new, hi-tech, Dexter and Speed Queen coin washers and dryers which use less soap and give cleaner and faster washes. We offer machines from the standard 12 lb. capacity to huge 80 lb. capacity machine.

Laundry USA has the largest washer in Southern Indiana, which can wash 80 lbs. of dry laundry in 1 single load!


Laundry Wash, Dry and Fold Services

Evansville Self Service Hours

Monday thru Sunday
7am - 12am
Last wash at 10:30pm

Evansville Fully Attended Hours

Monday thru Friday
7am - 11am
5pm - midnight

Saturday and Sunday
(All day) 7am - midnight

Chandler Self Service Hours

7 days a week
7am to 10pm
Last wash 8:30pm